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Project Abaddon

A New
Journey Begins...

Vision and Passion

Project Abaddon is the brainchild of creator Patrick Donovan and Gary Hauger, set 600 years in the future and explores a how a group of diverse characters are forced to work together, disagree with everything, find an ancient artifact, learn how to use it, and unite billions before an alien force determined to destroy everything returns for the very artifact our crew has.


Project Abaddon: Rise of the Destroyer is produced by an independent film company: Galactech Entertainment, LLC.

What Project Abaddon will try to do is bring all the best of the sci-fi shows that have come before and couple it with adventure of Indiana Jones and the drama of "24". What does that mean? Well, our main character, is not a starship captain at all but rather an archeologist, geologist, astrophysicist, and dreamer that just so happens to hitch rides on starships to travel and find clues to who we are and how we got to earth. What or "who" kick-started humanity; really!

But, in that process our heroes are thrown headlong into a journey and an unsolved mystery that takes them face to face with an evil that wants what they have found: The Abaddon (Named by the by the father of our hero as an archeological event aptly named: "Project Abaddon").

A New Journey Begins with Project Abaddon, in a new Universe, a new story that starts off in Ancient China, 10,000 years in our past.


An interstellar space Archaeologist / Explorer, determined to find the truth about his father's disappearance some 30 years prior, who was searching for an ancient artifact that possesses unbelievable power. He begins a journey that takes him to a ruthless band of female mercenaries led by a Han Solo-type, intent on gaining profit and wealth, to locate this "artifact" his father deemed: "Project Abaddon."

Now they must learn who’s side they're on, work to defend everyone from themselves and find a way to unite and protect billions against an alien force that's coming to destroy everything for one thing: that artifact!

The adventure begins on a starship with a mercenary crew. When you meet them, they will either love you or drop you where you stand without a blink of an eye.

It’s a journey, not a destination, that takes our diverse crew of misfits that feels like the Magnificent 7, meets Battlestar Galactica, meets Indiana Jones, with the drama of '24' thrown in for good measure.

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